Web time

My photography is very seasonal, like everything at Furzehill Farm the seasons dictate what we feel like doing. So, I have a kind of innate calendar that I enjoy as the annual repetitions do the cycle. Just now its ‘Web time’. The first chilly nights reveal millions of cobwebs all bejazzled with tiny dew drops. For the rest of the year most spiders go about their business quietly and almost invisibly but the dew acts like developer on a latent image, suddenly they have been exposed. You need to be up early to enjoy this spectacle, by the time the sun is fully up in the sky they become invisible again.

Use a long, fast lens and ‘sniper’ techniques to pick out you target amongst the thousands of shining attention seekers

Still air is essential for photographing these wonderful structures, the slightest breeze and they dance around making sharp shots impossible. The low sun light of early mornings makes the webs sparkle but lens flare can steal the crispness from the scene so keep the lens hooded and slightly angled to the sun.

Enjoy finding the best shots, use the camera to home in on details and play around with exposure combinations that ‘shouldn’t work’ because with all that light and excitement going on the bokeh can be unpredictable so give serendipity a chance.

Teasels and cobwebs