Phoenix tree to be?

Almost a year ago I visited Knoll gardens just after the extreme gales. The massive Eucalyptus up by the pond had just blown over and Neil was debating what to do about it. I’m so glad Neil decided to allow the tree to stay and have the chance to become a Phoenix tree. Today I saw that although this magnificent specimen was well past 45% from vertical it is alive and well with no epicormic growth showing, I guess that means the tree is in such good health that it is carrying on regardless and has not been shocked into shooting from the trunk. The most striking features of this recumbent giant are the curtains of shredded bark and the swirly clusters of leaves on all the branches. This is an iphone photo with some treatment to simulate Australian bush: bright sky and a slightly unreal light.

20141120-2014-11-20 10.59.34-Edit