Thoreau nails it again…

The image was taken in the Spring at sunrise with light streaming down across a hedge bank. All the Spring plants were jostling for space in a hurry to complete a cycle of reproduction before the canopy closed above them.


Francis George Heath

How delightful it would be, I thought, to have close by one’s dwelling a little bit of the field, the lane, or the wood; to extemporise a little forest dell, or dingle, by one’s very door; to see, in one’s garden, the flora of riverside or brookside; to bring, in short, within the region of the town a fragment of ‘the country’ – the realĀ ‘country’- a reality so dear, so prized, so loved and longed for, in these days of hard toil, exhausting brain-work, and never ceasing worry!

Francis George Heath from the 1800’s