Stacked Lichen

Getting in close is fun and revealing but depth of field can be a problem, especially with very three dimensional subjects. Poor light means wide apertures and lens physics makes the DOF shallower the closer you get, as result you can find yourself with just a few millimetres in focus….unless you use focus stacking.

The first of these images is compound shot of 12 exposures in rapid succession each with a different focal distance. The result is a very wide DOF, all the Lichen ‘fronds’ are in focus BUT in this case does it really make for a better picture?

With focus stacking on the left, without focus stacking on right
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Content aware and the Lady’s Slipper

Deep in a shady mixed woodland in the Dolomites we found several glorious clumps of Cypripedium calceolus. Most of the flower heads were rather randomly orientated, there was not much we could do about that without excessive gardening, however, Photoshop has dealt well with the peripheral blooms that were ‘photobombing’ the shot. Content aware fill in CS6 is a very simple way to eliminate unwanted intrusions in this kind of image.

This is how the top left corner of the shot looked before Photoshop you can see parts of three different flowers intruding into the frame.


The process is as simple as roughly selecting each intrusion in turn with the lasso tool then edit/fill/content aware and let the defaults work their magic. Even the lower flower of the three that overlaps a leaf was removed very effectively with no trace.

Lady's Slipper Orchid



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Middle Cove – Newfoundland

Middle Cove
A grey day around Christmas time
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Tulip, the Stewarts Mini

Tulip, the Stewarts Mini
Fully wrapped mini used as a promotional 'vehicle' by Stewarts.
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