Galanthus nivalis

Galanthus nivalis

As the New Year begins to gain speed the Galanothophiles start to swarm – Snowdrop fever takes hold. Variants of the common Snowdrop change hands for  hundreds of pounds and photographers stalk these modest, yet delightful little flowers, after all what else is there to photograph in the depths of Winter.

This is the common, ‘wild’ Snowdrop and my favourite – hard to improve on.

Violas in pots

Violas in terracotta pots

This Spring I have gone heavily into Violas in Pots, about 20 varieties. These are all modern, ‘bedding’ strains from the big seed houses – I have found surprising variation in suitability for pots, some of them tending to stretch very quickly in the hot weather.

Violas in wire carrier

Violas in wire carrier

The Cow parsley in our Orchard is looking lovely, seemed like a good place for a shot of Sue carrying Violas in our old wire carrier

Woodland Dell primroses

Woodland Dell Primroses

‘Woodland Dell’ is a garden cultivar that is intended to be an improved Primrose. It certainly as a lot going for it although it should not be planted in wild places for fear of hybridisation.

The joy of back-lighting

Polyanthus in the old wire carrier

Our garden has the most amazing light about an hour before the golden hour. It’s all to do with the orientation of the valley and the effect the trees have on the sun as it gets low in the sky. Back-lighting transforms a subject, I love it.


Echinops ritro

There is something about this flower that gets me coming back to it over and over – I love it and so do bees