Buddleja asiatica

Buddleja asiatica

Another tender Buddleja, a real beauty, with delicate drooping heads of white flowers that carry a heavenly honey scent. If you are lucky enough to have a large conservatory or sun-room that is kept above 45F or thereabouts you can grow it. The cut flowers last several days in a vase and scent a room.

Buddleja asiatica

Thoreau nails it again…

The image was taken in the Spring at sunrise with light streaming down across a hedge bank. All the Spring plants were jostling for space in a hurry to complete a cycle of reproduction before the canopy closed above them.



Brogenslade is a frost pocket, the cold rolls off the surrounding hillsides and chills the valley. June frosts are not unusual and the Bracken often gets ‘cut’. This young frond was tucked in under the canopy of some thorn and apple trees and chanced it’s luck before the plants in the open dared peek through.

Francis George Heath

How delightful it would be, I thought, to have close by one’s dwelling a little bit of the field, the lane, or the wood; to extemporise a little forest dell, or dingle, by one’s very door; to see, in one’s garden, the flora of riverside or brookside; to bring, in short, within the region of the town a fragment of ‘the country’ – the realĀ ‘country’- a reality so dear, so prized, so loved and longed for, in these days of hard toil, exhausting brain-work, and never ceasing worry!

Francis George Heath from the 1800’s

Secret smoker?

Not smoke but water vapour evaporating from a mossy tree trunk on a cold frosty morning. The volume of water vapour was considerable, it was billowing from this sunlit Oak tree, I must have seen it just as the bright morning sun fell upon the soggy wet mosses and rapidly warmed them driving off the ‘steam’. This little phenomenon, was like so many natural treats only visible with backlight.