Woodland Dell primroses

Woodland Dell Primroses

‘Woodland Dell’ is a garden cultivar that is intended to be an improved Primrose. It certainly as a lot going for it although it should not be planted in wild places for fear of hybridisation.

Primrose cutout

Primrose and packets

Cutout shots are invaluable for web pages and printed media, especially where images are small or where print quality is poor.

The joy of back-lighting

Polyanthus in the old wire carrier

Our garden has the most amazing light about an hour before the golden hour. It’s all to do with the orientation of the valley and the effect the trees have on the sun as it gets low in the sky. Back-lighting transforms a subject, I love it.

Polyanthus (not Primroses)


People often ask what’s the difference. Polyanthus bear many flowers on a single stem. Primroses have many flower all with their own stem arising from the centre of the plant. It gets confusing because in warm weather Primroses can ‘pretend’ to be Polyanthus.