Court pendu plat

An ancient apple that flowers late and crops late. Very tasty

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Misty, moisty morning

View out onto the New Forest

Freezing fog and the rising sun conspired to create a magical atmosphere in the wood near to Cuckoo Hill

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Marvellous Mirabelles

Plums are wonderful fruits,  you can get at least three months of cropping if you have a selection of varieties. Here is the basket, along with some Red Currants are ‘Gypsy’ Mirabelles. Mirabelles or Myrobalan as they are also know are early plums, they can be ready as early as late June.

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Vegetables isolated on white

Carrots isolated

Having easy access to home grown veg helps me in my specialisation in isolated veg shots. I find this kind of image very useful for the web and in advertsing

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Brassicas for Winter

Winter brassicas

Brassicas are a diverse group and very important during the Winter

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Seed swap time

All around the northern hemisphere gardeners will be packing their home saved seeds ready for seedy Sundays.

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New growth stretching out to greet the world

Germinating onion seeds

Onion seedlings, variety Ailsa Craig.

Sown just a month ago the onions have germinated well. Only a modest amount of bottom heat has been enough to get them going.

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