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Daylily anthers with some back light. I photograph these every year, they are a fascinating subject full of possibilities.... Read More


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Brogenslade is a frost pocket, the cold rolls off the surrounding hillsides and chills the valley. June frosts are not unusual and the Bracken often gets ‘cut’. This young frond was tucked... Read More

Francis George Heath

How delightful it would be, I thought, to have close by one’s dwelling a little bit of the field, the lane, or the wood; to extemporise a little forest dell, or dingle, by one’s very door;... Read More

Secret smoker?

Not smoke but water vapour evaporating from a mossy tree trunk on a cold frosty morning. The volume of water vapour was considerable, it was billowing from this sunlit Oak tree, I must have seen it ju... Read More

Oca – OK?

There’s a fashion at present for re-visiting South American vegetables that were rejected in favour of the Potato back in the day. Oca is an Oxalis, the leaves are a total give-away and when the... Read More

Teasel tease

Green flowers on a teasel – not really, the seeds germinated in the seed head. All due to the moist warm Autumn the seedlings had enough moisture to develop to this stage without drying out. Thi... Read More