Buddleja asiatica

Buddleja asiatica

Buddleja asiatica Another tender Buddleja, a real beauty, with delicate drooping heads of white flowers that carry a heavenly honey scent. If you are lucky enough to have a large conservatory or sun-room that is kept above 45F or thereabouts you can grow it. The cut flowers last several days in a vase and scent…read more……..

Oca roots, just harvested in November.

Oca – OK?

There’s a fashion at present for re-visiting South American vegetables that were rejected in favour of the Potato back in the day. Oca is an Oxalis, the leaves are a total give-away and when they flower it’s even more obvious. The tubers are on the small side, can be eaten raw or cooked up like…read more……..


Short shoots

Not a brief photo session but a scientific term for the stubby little leaf bearing twigs that some conifers like Larch and Cedars have. It’s a clue to the antiquity and ancestry of Ginkgo, although deciduous and not needle bearing it’s a Gymnosperm along with that huge raft of evergreens like Yew, Juniper and all…read more……..


Candle snuff

You can find them any time of year but mostly in late Autumn on dead branches and old coppice stumps. They tend to occur on wood that is already well rotted, other fungi having had the first munch. These are less demanding and can get nutrition from wood that is already part decayed. These fruiting…read more……..

Bracken Hill


Brogenslade is a frost pocket, the cold rolls off the surrounding hillsides and chills the valley. June frosts are not unusual and the Bracken often gets ‘cut’. This young frond was tucked in under the canopy of some thorn and apple trees and chanced it’s luck before the plants in the open dared peek through.


Secret smoker?

Not smoke but water vapour evaporating from a mossy tree trunk on a cold frosty morning. The volume of water vapour was considerable, it was billowing from this sunlit Oak tree, I must have seen it just as the bright morning sun fell upon the soggy wet mosses and rapidly warmed them driving off the…read more……..


Teasel tease

Green flowers on a teasel – not really, the seeds germinated in the seed head. All due to the moist warm Autumn the seedlings had enough moisture to develop to this stage without drying out. This was last year; I watched to see what happened and the seedlings all perished when the severe frosts arrived,…read more……..

20141120-2014-11-20 10.58.21-Edit

Phoenix tree to be?

Almost a year ago I visited Knoll gardens just after the extreme gales. The massive Eucalyptus up by the pond had just blown over and Neil was debating what to do about it. I’m so glad Neil decided to allow the tree to stay and have the chance to become a Phoenix tree. Today I…read more……..


Stacked Lichen

Getting in close is fun and revealing but depth of field can be a problem, especially with very three dimensional subjects. Poor light means wide apertures and lens physics makes the DOF shallower the closer you get, as result you can find yourself with just a few millimetres in focus….unless you use focus stacking. The…read more……..